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Yippee! We won Best Consumer Hardware Award!

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As you know, we were in San Francisco all week and did our first public demo of Drop at Launch Festival on Monday. Well, last night we found out that we were selected as the best consumer hardware company to demo at Launch, and to make it even better, we won $25,000 which will be put to immediate use in getting Drop ready to launch.

This award is an incredible testament to the hard work and beyond long hours that the team has put in over the last many months, and incredible validation of our idea and the faith that the great folks at Highway1 and PCH International have shown in us to-date.

Perhaps more importantly, our success shows that the world, and especially the baking community, is ready for technology to hit the kitchen. Of course, it needs to be dead simple to use and involve as little hands-on interaction as possible – after all, who wants a floury iPad? – which is where Drop comes in…

Don’t forget to reserve your place in line so you can be among the first proud owners of Drop.

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