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Why Drop, Why Now?

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Why do you bake? We recently brought together a group of home bakers and they were unanimous in sharing that one of the main reasons they bake is for the sheer pleasure of seeing others enjoy their creations.

What does that tell us? If you’re baking for others, you want to be darn sure you get consistent, near-perfect results every time. Yet, no doubt you’ve experienced your own version of #bakingfail at one point or another. (In fact, there are many entertaining stories on the web dedicated entirely to folks’ baking flops.) But entertainment aside, our group of bakers told us that one of their biggest frustrations is the inconsistency of their baking results, which of course is where Drop comes in.

Lucky for you, we’re living in an era where sensors can be easily connected to intelligent apps on our iPads or other mobile devices. We’ve seen other companies tackle the thermostat and smoke detectors (Nest), music and entertainment (Sonos, Roku) and yet, the kitchen is still a mess.

Although over 50% of iPad owners use their iPad in their kitchen – primarily to find recipes – no-one has yet re-designed the way we interact with this content to improve the way we bake. In fact, they kind of just leave you hanging out there on your little lonesome. Well, we’re here to change all that and ensure you can be a better baker in the process.

Drop is the beginning of a new era in the kitchen. What began as an idea for a smart kitchen scale has turned into a whole new approach to baking: from finding and following that perfect recipe all the way through to the divine aroma from your oven to decorating and sharing your masterpiece.

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