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The Icing On the Cake

Posted by Alice | Comment

From cakes and cupcakes, to cookies and brownies, what doesn’t look and taste a little better with a bit of icing, otherwise known as frosting? Here at Drop we love making our own frosting. Not only does it give your goodies a new flavor element, it can actually give your treats a great look as well.

Making Your Own Frosting

Frosting comes in what seems like an infinite amount of forms, flavors, and textures. For instance, if you’re baking a cupcake with a distinctly fall flavor, try making a buttercream frosting with a bit of pumpkin puree. The color and taste will make the season come alive.

Some of the easiest to make, and tastiest, frostings that you can easily prepare at home are:

•  Buttercream frosting – Different flavors and colors can be easily incorporated into the frosting via infusions and small drops of food coloring, giving you a one-stop frosting shop for all of the baking you’re looking to do. Also, the texture of buttercream, no matter the type, is easy to spread and pipe onto your treats.

•  Cream cheese frosting has a bit of a thicker consistency when compared to buttercream frosting, and also cuts the sweetness that comes along with other frosting types. The consistency of the frosting makes it perfect for spreading, although piping may be difficult, and it works really well with super sweet cakes, like red velvet, to earthier varieties, such as carrot.

•  Whipped cream frosting is created using a whisked or beaten base of heavy cream. It’s not too sweet, and works perfectly with a myriad of chilled desserts. When using whipped cream frosting, it’s important that the desert remain refrigerated as to not spoil the cream!

•  Boiled frosting is made from eggs as well as a boiled sugar mixture typically consisting of sugar, water, and corn syrup. This type of frosting is excellent for sticking together layered cakes due to its thick and marshmallow-y texture!

•  Ganache is an elegant option for filling or icing cakes. It’s made from melted semi-sweet chocolate combined with hot cream. As it hardens, ganache has a distinct, glossy shine.

•  Glaze frosting is just as it sounds, and when poured, it creates a hardened sweet glaze that works with a myriad of different desserts. Coffee cakes, bundt cakes, and cinnamon rolls are typically adorned with a glaze. Glazes are easy to infuse with other flavors for a more complex taste appeal.

•  Royal icing is the perfect choice for cake and cookie decorators everywhere, and this is the type of icing you’re most likely to find on gingerbread houses or cakes with intricate designs. It’s the icing of choice for British Christmas cakes. It has a glue-like consistency and a very sweet flavor, and it may be piped on easily for at-home decorating.

So whatever your choice, have fun with your frosting... it really does put the icing on the cake!

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