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Phew! We’ve Been Busy…

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While it may have been a few weeks since we posted an update, rest assured we have been working feverishly around the clock and around the globe. Our main focus these days? Aside from the inevitable things like fundraising and business development meetings in Silicon Valley, we have been laser-focused on honing the Drop kitchen scale and building an amazing iPad experience for you.  This has meant quite a few roundtrips to China to meet with our manufacturing team, while our software developers have been burning the midnight oil back in Dublin.

We will have an exciting update in the coming weeks about how you can be among the first to get Drop in your kitchen, but in the meantime, here’s a little bit more about why we’re doing what we’re doing.

1. We are passionate about getting people back in the kitchen and making that a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We’re all short on time these days, and so our goal is to make it really easy to find a recipe you can trust, follow that recipe and be assured of near-perfect results every time.

2. When it comes to baking (cakes, cookies, bread, pies, quiches, you name it, we can help you bake it), the key thing is getting the quantities right which is why we have built our approach around a kitchen scale. More on that later….

3. We know that food brings people together and nothing more so than a home-baked treat or dish. In these times of living at breakneck speed, we are huge advocates for taking a moment to stop and smell the bread baking. You’ll find people clamoring to be at your table in no time and that can only be a good thing.

If you have a friend or two who you think might be interested in what we are doing please encourage them to sign up here and in the meantime, we are thrilled to be up and running on social media. Please follow us on… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Don't have our scale?

Don't worry, you can still use the app and all the recipes without the Drop Scale. It's just not as awesome. :)

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