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Five Homemade Holiday Gifts

Posted by Alice | Comment

The holidays are approaching at what seems like a faster rate than usual.  Before we know it, the halls will be decked, the Christmas tree decorated and we'll be done with our holiday shopping. 

Aside from giving Drop - of course, we think Drop makes a great gift, not only because it will keep on giving, but because it’s perfect for the novice baker - Drop is also ideal for making gifts. From candies and sweets to heartier confections, home-baked gifts allow you to add a truly personal touch.

Here are five gifts you can bake with Drop. Be sure to check out the recipes in the Drop Kitchen app for iPad.

1. Fresh bread with flavored butter

What doesn’t go with bread and butter? From tea and coffee to savory winter meals, everyone loves fresh bread and butter. This is a gift that you can make sweet or savory. For a sweeter option, bake a cake-like bread with the addition of fresh cinnamon butter. If savory is more your style, try baking a stout-based bread to be served with a garlic or salty butter for a flavor explosion! We have a few different options to choose from

2. Cookies with a decorating kit

The holidays just aren’t the holidays without cookies, and people of all ages will love being able to decorate their own sweets. Bake a batch of Ayo’s Chocolate & Peppermint Sugar Cookies from the Drop Kitchen app and deliver them with a variety of decorations, frostings and sprinkles for a DIY night of fun.

3.  Biscotti and coffee

Biscotti are the ultimate breakfast cookie and perfect for the morning after a big holiday dinner. Luckily, Drop has a recipe that will have your friends and family begging for more. Their twice baked nature makes them a naturally harder cookie, so you won’t have to worry about your gift going stale. Wrap these cookies up with a pound of coffee and pretty ribbon and you’ll be on your way.


4. Pecan Pie Truffles  

Pecan pie + truffles, honestly do we need to say anything else? This is a perfect gift as they are easy to transport, wrap and bring all the flavors of the holidays together in one small bite. We don’t think you can do wrong here.

5. Chocolate Fudge With Sea Salt & Lime

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fudge? Homemade fudge can come in just about any flavor you can imagine making it a gift with endless possibilities, but we’re partial to our Lime & Sea Salt fudge. Packaged in a holiday themed-tin, your friends can think of you each time they enjoy the next delightful bite. (Pictured above)

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