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Drop, ShopLocket and Maker Faire!

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For all of those who have been asking where and when you can buy Drop – our new connected cooking platform that works with an app and iPad-connected kitchen scale to help you be a better baker – we’re happy to share today that we’re one step closer.

We’ll be working with ShopLocket, the ecommerce platform and marketplace for innovative hardware products, to launch an exclusive 30-day pre-order campaign on June 3.

And, if you’ve been dying to get a hands-on demo of Drop, we’ll be with ShopLocket at Maker Faire this coming weekend, May 17-18, in San Mateo, CA, at booth #240, so come and visit us!

As you know, Drop won best consumer hardware device at Launch Festival in San Francisco earlier this year. Our CEO and co-founder, Ben Harris, shares some insights as to why now is the right time for Drop:

The kitchen – and the ecosystem around it – is a mess. It’s not just the clean up required after having to use numerous cups, spoons and bowls, that bakers don’t like. Simply finding and following recipes online is a messy process that hasn’t yet fully taken advantage of tablets and their capabilities. We’re here to clean up that mess.

While cooking is an art, baking is a science. This leaves little room for error. Measuring ingredients with the typical cups used by most home bakers inevitably leads to inconsistent results and #BakingFails. Drop has created a new way to bake that incorporates a precise, sleek kitchen scale, along with an intelligent mobile app that helps bakers find the recipe they want and then steps you through each part of the process to crowd-pleasing results every time.

Why ShopLocket?

ShopLocket has already powered post-crowdfunding sales for many of the best hardware products to-date. Now, ShopLocket is taking a step further and hosting pre-sales for a select, highly curated selection of hardware products it views as the aspirational innovators in the industry.

Says ShopLocket co-founder and CEO Katherine Hague:

We are incredibly excited to be working with Drop, and believe their first product aligns well with our goal to promote the top hardware products through a blend of content and commerce to give consumers the best online retail experience possible. We’ve been impressed with Drop’s innovative take on modern baking and the team’s commitment to seamless, functional design. We can’t wait to help get the product in customers’ hands.

Calling all bakers! If you want to hold your spot in line, and gain access to special perks, before the Drop/ShopLocket store opens on June 3, sign up at

And don’t forget to come and see Drop in action at Maker Faire (May 17-18, San Mateo, CA) and participate in our social media contest to win a free Drop kitchen scale or a baking class.

Don't have our scale?

Don't worry, you can still use the app and all the recipes without the Drop Scale. It's just not as awesome. :)

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