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Drop partners with Kenwood

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With a partnership this exciting in the works, it was hard for us to keep quiet. After all, Kenwood is one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers! But after working closely with the Kenwood team for almost 2 years on this integration, we’re delighted to announce that we’re launching our first product together. 

What’s the product? 

Introducing the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart and the Kenwood World recipe app, a WiFi-connected cooking experience powered by Drop’s kitchen OS. 

The appliance itself is an all-in-one cooking food processor that can heat, stir, slice, and steam. Included in the box is the Kenwood Scale, which leverages the same weighing technology invented for Drop Scale. 

The total experience is guided by the feature-rich Kenwood World app: a slick and intuitive step-by-step recipe app that can send remote controls to the countertop appliance that does everything. 

See it in action here: 

Cool. Where can I get it?

To start out, we’re launching the Kenwood kCook Multi experience in France. It will be available in more markets worldwide very soon.

If you’re thinking, “but wait, do you guys even speak French?" you’re right… we didn’t. But with the help of French-speaking linguistics experts, we’ve created an advanced solution—unique to the Drop platform—that will make recipes in Drop format available in more languages. (Hint: Italian and Spanish are on the way!) 

Soon, these language advancements will be available in the Drop Recipes app as well. Stay tuned for more on this! 

What’s next in the collaboration? 

As the complexity of connected appliances increases, we’re paving the way for a total connected kitchen experience. 

We can’t reveal the next appliance yet, but we can say that the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart is just the first product resulting from a deep partnership between the Kenwood and Drop teams. The connected kitchen world will definitely see more beautifully made Kenwood appliances powered by our kitchen OS over the coming months. 

Thanks for reading! 

Check out the Kenwood kCook Multi feed in the Drop Recipes app to see some examples of how our recipe format can bend to give precise, easy-to-follow instructions for creating delicious food with even the most advanced appliances on the market.

Please follow along with us as we develop the Drop platform and recipe format to make way for more exciting changes. 

If you want to read even more about the partnership, click here.

Don't have our scale?

Don't worry, you can still use the app and all the recipes without the Drop Scale. It's just not as awesome. :)

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