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Better Weighing in Full Screen Mode

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Hey there, chefs and bakers! Want to know what's new in Drop Recipes v 1.11.0? It's a good one! We've introduced a completely new way to weigh within a recipe, and we know you're going to love it.

Our New Look

Picture an old weighing card – just a regular recipe step with an ingredient on it. Are you picturing one? Ok, cool. Well, here's what weighing an ingredient looks like now, with our full-screen weighing interface:

YOU: Awesome! It looks totally different! Why did you do it?
DROP TEAM: Let us explain ourselves!

Room for More

We can't say too much, but we can say that the Drop platform is getting smarter. We're ushering in this full-screen appliance mode to make room in the app for more advanced control of connected kitchen appliances like Drop Scale. Now, when you follow a recipe connected to your scale, the full-screen mode gives you a better view of the weighing actions, and more control over your ingredients.

Piece of Cake Measuring

What do baking soda, vanilla extract, and salt have in common? You never need more than a tablespoon! The Drop Scale is as accurate as ever, but it's now much easier to see what you're doing when you add small amounts to your bowl. The full-screen view makes your target clearer and easier to reach with precision, so you can avoid over-pouring ingredients and say goodbye to salty cake.

Improved Readability

When you get to an ingredient card, just tap the red button to begin measuring. The weighing screen will open over the recipe, allowing you to focus solely on the weighing action at hand before moving to the next step. This gives weighing an ingredient the visual importance it deserves!

What do you think?

If you haven't yet, update Drop Recipes to try it for yourself. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Easier to use? More satisfying hitting the target? Not so sure about it yet? Please send us an email to say hello and provide your valued feedback on our shiny new weighing experience.



Thanks for following along with us, and please stay tuned. We have a very busy road ahead as we continue to work on new features and designs. We can't wait to share them with you!

–The Drop Team

Don't have our scale?

Don't worry, you can still use the app and all the recipes without the Drop Scale. It's just not as awesome. :)

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