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A Cinco de Mayo Celebration

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A brief history: Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Puebla, Mexico to commemorate the 1862 victory against invading French forces. The French attempted a siege of Puebla to develop a stronghold in Mexico; from there, they could have better supported the Confederate troops in the nearby American Civil War.

Over time, the celebration of Cinco de Mayo became a political symbol of resistance to foreign aggression. In the 1960s, Cinco de Mayo celebrations cropped up in cities with large Mexican American communities, coinciding with the Chicano Civil Rights movement. Because the Mexican victory at Puebla affected the American Civil War, Mexican Americans cited the battle to stake their claim in United States history.

Ultimately, the holiday has become a chance to celebrate the Mexican cultural influence around the world… especially the food and drink! 

Now that you're refreshed on the history of the holiday, you can start planning your fiesta with these dishes, drinks, and desserts from the Drop Recipes app.


Corn Tortillas 

Dulce de Leche

Flour Tortillas




Salsa Fresca

Coconut Lime Tres Leches Cake

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