Here's everything you need to know about using the Drop Recipes app on your Android device

About This Beta Version

This early release of the Android app is a lightweight version. Core features, like interactive recipes and basic weighing with Drop Scale, are supported. Some other features, like Ingredient Substitutions, Scale by Ingredient, Reviews, and Discuss, are not included yet, but they will be available soon.

You will need Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to participate in the beta. There are only 1,000 seats available, so hurry up!

Access Your Account

You will be testing the app in a live environment, meaning that the recipes you favorite, the ratings you give, and the changes you make to your profile will be available even after the beta period is over. They will, of course, also be visible to everyone in the iOS app.

If you have a Drop Recipes account for iOS, you can use your existing credentials to log in to the Android app.

Update Your Drop Scale Firmware

If you are a Drop Scale owner, your scale’s firmware needs to be updated in order to work with Android. You’ll have to do that before you start! Please read all about it here.

(And yes, we acknowledge the absurdity in having to use an iOS device to get Android compatibility, but unfortunately, that's how this firmware update has to work.)

Help Us Test the App

What should you test? It’s entirely up to you and how much time you have available. As we continue to improve the app, any time you spend using it can give us valuable insights.
Here are a few things you can try, though:

  • Fill out your profile and upload a picture of yourself
  • Try saving a few recipes to your profile
  • Follow a recipe in the app from start to finish in your kitchen
  • Share the recipe to social media
  • Reset your password, log out, and log in again
  • If you have a Drop Scale, do some basic weighing from the Scale screen and switch between units.

Share Your Feedback

Thanks for helping us test this early version of the app. We look forward to hearing your feedback! If you need help getting started, send us an email at

Notice something wonky in the app? To report bugs or ask questions, please tap Support in the menu and a chat window will open. We read all your messages and will get back to you as soon as we can.

That's all you need to know. Now get the app and start cooking! ;-)

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