Anyone Can Bake
Anyone Can Bake
“Probably the neatest kitchen tool I've ever received and so easy a 6 year old can use it!”
“So excited for @dropkitchen launch! Can't wait to use it for perfectly proportioned #vegan #smoothies, dinners + treats!”
“Introduced to the gorgeous @dropkitchen today. Lovely product and gorgeous site.”
“LIKE IT'S HOT! @dropkitchen This product is genius!! Does it come with the accent?”
“@dropkitchen is the coolest kitchen gadget I've seen - need for fall baking!”
“Watching a @dropkitchen demo at #remake2014 & my mind is blown! I need this! My baking will be next level now!”
“@dropkitchen @beninjamharris I'm so excited for this! I have a feeling this will rock my world! ”

Make baking your latest talent

There’s something magical about the aroma of food baking in the oven, yet for many of us, baking is a daunting endeavor. With Drop you can enter the kitchen inspired, confident and ready to bake, regardless of experience.

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Bake to perfection, every time.

Thanks to the helpful (and rather nifty) features Drop offers, you can now experience the joy of baking every time you step in the kitchen and finally say goodbye to those pesky #bakingfails

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Get ready for rave reviews from the people in your life lucky enough to enjoy and share in your baking.